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The Honest CV Program is not just about creating a truthful resume; it's about committing to a professional identity that reflects true value and potential.
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How Clean Exit has helped companies deal with various issues

When asked to return company laptop, an ex-employee posted fake reviews on social media against the company. Clean exit solved it in 24 hours!


Healthcare Firm


No more torrent traffic or music downloads in office, thanks to Clean Exit. IT policy violations have come down significantly after employees were oriented on ethics.


Design Firm


We had instances when job applicants edited their resumes to reflect factual content and re-applied after they were notified that their profiles will be rated by clean exit.


Mobile App Development Firm


We discovered that a senior manager had shortlisted vendors for supplying materials that were directly connected to his family business. This conflict of interest resulted in huge loss to our firm but Clean Exit put a stop to this.


A high-end fashion store

South-ex, New Delhi

Your new best friend



Give a rating to your company, managers, and the exit process. The Career Protection Plan (CPP) from Clean Exit is linked to your current job role in a company and shields you from various unethical practices and wrong rating.

Do not join a company for an internship or a job without the CPP Plan!

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Career Protection Plan

Protect your Career with Clean Exit. Ensure your investment in a company enhances your growth.
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Ethics Training

Even good people can make bad decisions. Learn how to avoid such mistakes in your career.

Ethics Certification

Get faster preference for internships and jobs with the Clean Exit Ethics Certification.
Cleaning and disinfection amid the coronavirus epidemic.

New Covid-19 Lockdown Ratings

New lockdown ratings in Clean Exit allow RWAs to rate owners who forcibly evict healthworkers and also rate residents who violate the lockdown guidelines.

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What is

Clean Exit

Clean Exit is an ethics and behavior rating platform for working professionals that reduces misconducts and frauds in the organizations.

An initiative of Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC), India’s leading non-profit cyber security foundation and a public private partner with Government of India, Clean Exit was originally designed to rate cyber security professionals, ethical hackers under the National Security Database program and developers who work on sensitive assignments.

Companies who implement the ethics program are able to build teams that uphold values, maintain their integrity and conduct themselves ethically in most stressful environments.

Ethics Driven Prime Minister

Professional Ethics

"The work to eradicate corruption must begin from the top. It is spread like termite in our country. We have to work at all levels to eradicate corruption" - Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

Download the circular by ACITE, Under Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Govt of India, to all colleges in India on Clean Exit.

dishonesty is contagious

Most common misconducts faced by companies

Before Hiring in Clean Exit

Before Hiring

Clean Exit Ethics driven workforce in office

After Hiring

Ethics Certified Professional Resigning

After Exit

In Global survey

India ranks top In Employee Frauds

Employees, intentionally or inadvertently, either aid or facilitate data leakage, data theft, financial frauds, conflict of interests, gender insensitivities, inappropriate media footprint, etc.

Clean Exit Ethics Rating of countries and India - Kroll Statistics

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